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A topographical survey accurately depicts a site that is scaled and detailed to show all the natural and manmade features and their levels. A topographical survey is highly detailed and requires the involvement of topological professionals to ensure the accuracy of the reports provided.

When it comes to booking a specialist topographic service, you’ll want to have full confidence in the expertise of your chosen contractor. We will gladly answer your questions on matters relating to topographical surveys so you have a full idea of what is involved in the process.

The purpose of a topographic survey is to gather spatial information relating to the site and its natural and man-made land features. This can often be related to the Ordnance Survey grid and datum using the latest GNSS RTK-enabled receivers.

Obtaining the correct information early on in the design stage of a project can save considerable time and reduce costs.

A topographic survey will provide you with accurate land measurements and give you a clear indication of how an existing site is arranged. It will help guide decisions when it comes to the planning of new buildings, the re-positioning of existing boundaries, and the design of drainage schemes for a site. 

A topographical survey brings greater certainty to any planned development by reducing the risk of costly errors which could be made without an accurate picture of a site. A survey can reveal information that at first sight may not have been obvious, such as changes that may have occurred to land over time.

Through a proper understanding of the topography of the land, those looking to build on-site will have a better idea of the condition of the land and its potential impact on the type of construction that could be built there. This ensures that any construction is on sound footing.

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